91视频 Disability Services Forms 

Below you will find all forms needed to register with Disability Services. If you have questions regarding our registration process please visit our Registration process site or Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you. 

  • The Registration Form is required for all students to register with our office. This form helps us understand your needs better, and how we can accommodate you. Some things may apply to you, and some items may not. You may skip any questions you feel do not apply to you.
  • Our Disability Verification Form is for your provider to complete. This form is not necessary if you already have documentation of your disability or condition. 
  • The Release of Information Form is for students who are unable to provide medical documentation, and wish for us to reach out to their provider. This form will authorize UAF to request documentation from or communicate with whoever you designate on your behalf.

To submit these forms, please complete them and email them to, or fax them to us at 907-474-5688.

Alternatively, if you would like, you can stop by our office and we can assist you with our registration process. We are located in the Eielson Building 110 and would be happy to help!