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Kids in K-12 can sign up for a summer camp today. We have 58 different camps, some with multiple sections for a total of 80 camps this summer!

2024 free events
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Can't attend in-person? No worries, our free lectures are available online via the livestream.

Please Note: the livestream will not be available for viewing until right before the event begins.


2024 Travel with us
Travel Programs 2024 & 2025

Come to Thailand in October 2024 with us! Join us in Galapagos and Ecuador in December/January 2024/2025.


2024 Summer camps for adults
Summer Camps for Adults

We have non-credit courses open for adults in the community! Register for Fly Fishing weekend, Adult Bug Camp, Botanical Drawing and more.


2024 Kids Camps
2024 free events!

Fill your summer with free events from the Legacy Lecture, Tall Timbers, Healthy Living, and Discover 91视频  and Music in the Garden


  • JULY22

    Register for Summer Kids Camps at Summer365.alaska.edu

  • JULY23

    Healthy Living

    "Movement Magic:  Aging Joints and What We Can Do" with Ruth Carson, PT, Physical Therapist

  • JULY24

    Discover 91视频

    "Herbivores and the Structure and Function of 91视频鈥檚 Boreal Forests" with  Knut Kielland, Professor of Ecology

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