The Office of the Registrar

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Before You Register

Before you start, take a quick look at where you are in the enrollment process and determine any steps you need to take before you register for college. We have step-by-step information and requirements for undergraduate degree students, graduate students and non-degree seeking students. 


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Register for Classes: Admitted Students

Already admitted to UAF? You can register for classes, manage financial aid and other college enrollment activities at .

If you鈥檙e a newly admitted student, you鈥檒l first need to meet with your academic advisor, who will then open your registration.

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Just Take a Class: Non-Degree Seeking Students

You can just take a class without applying to a degree program or seeking financial aid. If you鈥檙e an undergraduate student, any courses you take can still count towards a degree later. Graduate students can apply up to 9 credits of non-degree seeking coursework toward a graduate degree program.

If you registered as a non-degree student at any UA campus within the last two years, you can simply and register for the classes you want.
First time registering for a class? Go to and follow each step to register online.